About Us

Myfashionbuy is the Market leader in creative and luxury fashion for women and men with more than 400 partner brands. Our often exclusive offerings represent the best of creativity. We cultivate a complete independence in our choices of creators or products. You will sometimes be surprised or surprised, but we mostly hope that you will be amazed


Myfashionbuy is the spearhead of the young creation. We meet new creators, Suppliers every day and we are happy to be among the first to believe in them and to distribute their products. When we select young Suppliers, it is because their talent and the quality of their products allow them to be placed alongside the greatest.


In Myfashionbuy Collection you’ll find original designs that are just as unique as the Person who’ll wear them.


Quality Customer Service & Experience


With excellence, convenience and value built right into our brand name, we make every effort to deliver you the best possible purchasing experience. Our sole mission is to offer new as well as unique products at exceptional value so that you can enjoy your shopping with us.